Oritain - Scientifically Verifying Origin

Oritain - Scientifically Verifying OriginOritain can independently and scientifically verify the origin of food products to a forensic standard.

We use an ‘origin’ based system, identifying the naturally occurring chemical properties of food products, which are influenced by the soils and environment in which they are produced. We work with producers of meat, dairy, fruits, honey and seed products from throughout New Zealand and around the world to protect their brands and reputation. Oritain's origin system complements existing traceability systems, but unlike the latter is not able to be manipulated or tampered with.

Why is this important? Many of those involved with Oritain come from an agricultural background. As producers we understand the resources that are required to produce top quality food. We are proud of what happens on the farm and in our processing facilities so it is only natural to want to make sure that our products are never misrepresented or our brands damaged. Throughout the supply chain we see this same motivation to protect products and brands. Innovative producers, processors and retailers that deal with premium products are attracted to Oritain services.

So what's the risk to your company? The cost of one instance of food fraud averages between 2% -15% of a company’s annual revenue depending on the size of the organisation. (Source: Consumer Product Fraud: Deterrence and Detection. Grocery Manufacturers Association 2010). Your product loses value, consumers no longer trust your brand and your bottom line is affected. Oritain can help reduce the risk to your supply chain and protect your brand.

Our team is well respected within the scientific community. The Oritain lab and testing facilities are based in Dunedin, New Zealand, and we have an office in Washington DC, United States.

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